My name’s Allie.

I have a confession: I haven’t always been brave.


But in 2017, I went on vacation to Thailand and everything changed. Travel was more of a dream than something I could actually do, but I had to make it happen. Why not start by going to one of the most beautiful countries on earth? Little did I know that my trip to Thailand would alter the course of my life!

When I stepped off the plane back home in Canada, I felt different. I was a changed woman.

I ended a long-term relationship that was only serving to hold me back. I moved out of my house, and fell madly in love with a man who would quickly become my husband.


I’m not perfect by a long shot, but I’m being brave. My goal is to inspire my readers by sharing my passions of photography, travel, and wellness.

Brave Beyond Borders is a message: I want to inspire you to feel better, and experience more, and live your best life.

xoxo Allie


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