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Milford on Sea Walk Along the British Coast

Milford on Sea Walk

What better way to enjoy the British coast than a Milford on Sea Walk? Family and dog friendly, it offers spectacular water views and is near Hurst Castle. This past Easter weekend my husband and I braved the bank holiday traffic to visit Milford on Sea (not *the* Sea, just Sea!) near the New Forest, only 1.5 hours away from our home in Wiltshire. A coworker recommended this spot to me as one of her favorite places. Just beyond Milford on Sea’s coastline is the Isle of Wight. Upon arriving, the sun sat high in the sky greeting us with it’s warmth after a long, grey winter.

Summer has arrived in Britain, and nothing feels quite so good as the start of a new season!

Having grown up surrounded by prairie fields, I’m giddy watching the coast line pop up over the horizon as we drive towards it. Escaping to the ocean on the weekend feels like such a luxury. It’s one of the many things I love about living in England. When I stepped out of the car I felt a splash of salty air on my skin from the turquoise waves. I would have loved a swim, but it was still too cold for that, so we followed the rocky path along the coast.

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A Great Walk for all Fitness Levels

This is a perfect gentle walk for families or if you have a dog. There is only a slight incline, although the path is quite rocky/pebbly so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Walk for Several Miles to see Hurst Castle

This peaceful walk can go on for miles. If you’re willing, walk for 1.5 miles and you will come upon Hurst Castle. You can enter the castle (£5.50 for adults and £3.50 for children), or you can just admire it from the path.

This Walk is Dog Friendly

We saw plenty of dogs on leads as we walked along the coast. Perfect if you have a fur baby and they need some exercise.

Where to Park?

We parked at Hurst Road East Car Park (18 Hurst Rd, Milford on Sea, Lymington SO41 0PY). This is a great spot to start your walk. It was very busy but there were a few parking spaces when we arrived midday.

Cool Down with New Forest Ice Cream!

Conveniently next to the Hurst Road East Car Park is a cafe that serves New Forest Ice Cream. It wasn’t the best that I’ve ever had, but it was refreshing in the heat.

Watch the Swans

I had never seen swans before moving to England. They’re massive, and can be spotted floating in many rivers and ponds. At the beginning of the walking path there is a pond opposite the coast swimming with swans and ducks. It would have been a lovely spot to sit and have a picnic.

Milford on Sea Walk

In conclusion

Milford on Sea is a lovely spot for a walk and some ice cream. Have you made it to Hurst Castle? I would love to know in the comments!

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