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Why I Moved to England from Canada


I write a lot on this blog about my experience living abroad. You may have read the things I love about living in England (where I currently reside as a permanent resident), and the things I miss most about Canadian living. But you probably have no idea why I moved to England in the first place! Surprisingly, my decision to move abroad had nothing to do with career opportunities, quality of life, or pastries (although pastries might just be a good enough reason to move to England). I moved to England for love. Isn’t that the best reason to do anything?

It’s true, I’m a hopeless romantic. I spent years daydreaming of a passionate, fiery, all-consuming Hollywood love. Even more hopelessly, I dreamed of travelling the world. I wanted to fly to far away places, explore exotic cultures, and have new experiences. I wanted to flip my world upside down, and that is exactly what happened when I went on my first trip abroad! You could say that I’m living proof that The Law of Attraction works. What began as an innocent girls trip to Thailand ended in a whirlwind romance that took me all the way to the United Kingdom.

Wondering what happened? Keep reading to find out why I moved to England.

What on earth happened in Thailand?

The short of it? In Thailand, I finally listened to my intuition, the gut feeling that I had been ignoring for many years (which had left me suffering from a repressive eating disorder). In an exotic country far away from my comfort zone, I followed my hearts desires and fell in love with another tourist. It was not timely, but love doesn’t care about your plans! This is an exciting story which I might share as a novel one day (stay tuned for that)!

This sudden and unexpected romance encompassed all of my wishes. It was intense and passionate, but with a caveat: the man I had fallen for lived in England while I lived in Canada. After we went our separate ways in Thailand, we found ourselves 4,000 miles apart and madly in love. We pushed through our long-distance relationship because we knew that we wanted to be together. So, without any hesitation, we were married five months later!

As they say, when you know, you know

We were married, but still living apart. Firstly, there’s this thing called a ‘Visa’ that you need to immigrate into a new country. One of us was going to need to get a Visa and move. My new husband was a member of the British Armed Forces, so he couldn’t exactly uproot and leave the UK. That was fine by me because my other dream was to travel the world! I knew that living in England would give me an opportunity to explore Europe. Not to mention how excited I was by the prospect of moving abroad!

So we decided that I would move to England. Quickly after our wedding, I applied for my UK Spouse Visa. It was a lengthy process, but luckily I’m very organised and good with paperwork. It was approved in only four weeks!

It was time to quit my job, say goodbye to my friends and family, and buy my one way ticket to London, England.Before I knew it, I was tossing, donating, and packing all of my things so I could move abroad!

I moved for love, but I also moved for travel.

There are many things that I miss about Canada, especially my family and friends, but moving abroad has taught me countless life lessons that I never would have learned if I had stayed in my home country. I have experienced a new culture and I have worked in a foreign country. I have grown into someone who is more adaptable and can also make a great cup of tea! Further, I have had many opportunities to travel through Europe. I have seen London, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai and more in less than two years! The reason why I moved to England was for love and for travel, and these are two very passionate excuses to move abroad.

Are you an expat living in England? I would love to connect with you and hear about your reason for moving to the UK. Were you crazy in love like me, or seeking a new experience? Comment down below if you have a story to share!

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Allie is a Canadian writer, Business Administration graduate, and photographer.

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  1. Robert says:

    Hi Mrs. H, I have been so unfulfilled careerwise here in Canada (i’m in a french province at the moment). I have a boyfriend and we’re not married and no kids, I go to university which is stressful and it’s not what I want to do really . I have always wanted to have a career in luxury retail and since I am more English, I was thinking of permanently moving to England rather than France. My boyfriend wants me to finish university and wants me to do my master’s and move to the prairies but that’s just not what I want to do. There’s so much more I want to do like travelling by myself and I know it will break his heart but I really do not have enough time since I’m in my 30s already and I am just figuring out what I want to do with my life.

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