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Richmond Park in London, A Walk Fit for a Royal


Richmond Park is a surprising sight in the bustling metropolis of London. While it is still considered a ‘royal’ park, us peasants are also allowed to visit and walk through the gardens. It is a wildlife conservation park opened to the public. Richmond Park in London is brimming with walking and cycling paths, gardens, and of course, a beautiful stately home for a quick cuppa and scone.

Look no further than Richmond Park in London for a walk fit for a royal.

History of Richmond Park

Richmond Park in London was founded in the 17th century by Charles I, his main motive was to escape the plague. Maybe that’s where the saying Run for the Hills came from! Meanwhile, dear Charles fell in love with the wild stags who roamed the park, and through that love, he decided to enclose the park to protect the wildlife from harm. This was not a popular move with the locals, many whom enjoyed hunting, but in the 1700s Charles put a wall around the 2500 acre property. It has remained enclosed ever since, but through this time it has been a welcome place for pedestrians and nature enthusiasts alike.

The Deer in Richmond Park

The stags within Richmond Park in London roam freely and can be seen most of the year grazing lazily in the fields. I have seen the wild deer on three out of my four visits to Richmond Park. These deer are brave and proud and do not scramble away from pedestrians. They’re actually domesticated enough to standby and pose for a photo! Further, it’s wonderful to see animals grazing in their natural habitat rather than in a zoo. Visiting Richmond Park is an excellent way to interact with wildlife in a peaceful and ethical way.


Isabella’s Plantation

Within Richmond Park is a smaller park called Isabella’s Plantation. Like park Inception. Ahem. Built after World War II, Isabella’s Plantation is an entirely organic victorian-style woodland garden opened year round. Welcome to Fairyland! Flowers bloom brightly in the springtime, and there is a variety of native and exotic trees and plants to be admired. Walk slowly through the plantation path next to the stream. Ponder life and all of its questions at the Still Pond where the water lies motionless and quiet.

You can also hug trees. The trees in Isabella’s Plantation are especially huggable.

Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge is a Victorian stately home, grand and luxurious enough for a wedding! It’s the perfect place to indulge in one of my favorite British past times: drinking a cup of English tea alongside a scone or pastry. On a nice day, you can sit on the patio overlooking the gorgeous horizon of Thames Valley in London.

Whether you’re staying in London for a while or just coming for a short visit, I hope you get a chance to walk through Richmond Park in London! It is a unique and lovely experience. The English do love a good garden and this one is at the top of the list!

Have you visited Richmond Park in London? What did you enjoy most?

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