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Exploring Malta’s Fishing Village: Marsaxlokk Market


Marsaxlokk, Malta’s Fishing Village (pronounced ‘Marsa-Schlock’) is a Mediterranean gem slightly off the beaten track. Marsaxlokk is on Malta’s Southeastern coast, and while there’s not much else to see in this part of Malta, it’s still worth an afternoon trip. Malta is a popular destination for British tourists (a short 3 hour flight for ourselves since we are currently residents of the UK). It’s a very small island so if you’re visiting for a couple of days, make sure that you plan a jaunt down to this charming seaside town!

Continue reading to find out more about Marsaxlokk Malta’s Fishing Village.


What will I do in Marsaxlokk Malta’s Fishing Village?

Visit the Fish Market

If you’re visiting Marsaxlokk on a Sunday, you can see the Fish Market which runs from mid morning to afternoon on most Sundays. This is a great way to get a feel for the local culture. For me, travelling is all about experiencing a new city or town like a local! You’ll see the Maltese haggle over fish, and eels, and all sorts of strange and wonderful gifts and souvenirs. See (and smell) the fresh catch of the day.

Eat the Local Seafood

If you like seafood, this is the place for you! There is no shortage of restaurants along the coast. Make sure to check Trip Advisor to find a port-side restaurant with good reviews. If it’s a nice day, there’s endless outdoor seating opportunities which makes for great people watching. Make sure to try the squid!

Try your photography skills

The magnificent colors of bright fishing boats and turquoise waters will draw you in. Even if you’re a novice photographer, this backdrop is so stunning that you’ll most certainly get an Instagram worthy shot! Marsaxlokk was a photographer’s dream come true – I had so much fun shooting and post-processing these photos!

Take a boat ride into St Peter’s Pool

If it’s a nice day, take a boat ride into St Peter’s Pool, a scenic spot to enjoy the Maltese heat. St Peter’s Pool is a natural cove about a 10 minute boat ride from Marsaxlokk’s port. As we visited Malta during the cooler months we only admired St Peter’s Pool from the boat, but the view was lovely.

There’s also opportunities to hike near St Peter’s pool, as you can see in the picture below! Tourists and locals also love to swim and snorkel here in the summertime.


How do I get to Marsaxlokk?

By Boat – this is the most scenic option, but you’ll want to plan this at least a day in advance. You can get to Marsaxlokk by boat from Valletta for an afternoon tour on a Sunday. This option is dependent on the weather.

By Bus – transit within Malta is reliable and budget friendly.

By Cab – We arrived by eCabs (Malta’s version of Uber – definitely download the eCabs app if you’re visiting Malta for quick and reliable cab service), and it only took about 25 minutes and it wasn’t expensive. If you’re travelling in a group, eCabs will probably be your most affordable and convenient option.

What is the best day to visit Marsaxlokk?


Marsaxlokk holds a weekly fish market at the harbor on (most) Sundays. If you’re staying near Valletta, Malta’s Capital, then you’ll be able to take a day trip into Marsaxlokk by boat in the morning and be back in Valletta by mid-afternoon. Get a boat tour through the Mediterranean and see the fishing village, it’s a win-win!

If you love seafood, port villages, and boat rides make sure to visit Marsaxlokk, Malta’s Fishing Village for a fun and relaxing afternoon.

Is this unique European destination on your bucket list? If you’ve been to Marsaxlokk before, comment below and share your most memorable moment!

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