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Day in the Life of Living Abroad: Camels in England


On the weekends, my husband and I drive through the English county side. We live in Wiltshire and we’re blessed with many villages that dot the country lanes, and acres of land inhabited by farm animals. It’s stunning, colourful, and exactly what all of my childhood story books were made of. And also, full of surprises! Like Camels in England!

On a regular old day, we were driving to the gym and yelled at Justin to STOP! He pulled over the car. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw something strange…

ike a llama. I thought, It must be a llama, I’ve seen llamas here before… but with two humps? When we looked over the hedges, I realized that I was right! It was a Camel!

I could hardly believe my eyes. What on earth was a Camel doing in cold, wet England? We caught it on film and drove away. We chalked it up to a strange coincidence. Then a month later, we saw the Camel again. We got out of our car this time to take a closer look.

It just so happens that not one, but two Camels live on this English estate all year round.

They’re looked after by the property owners who also take care of llamas and donkeys. When we found ourselves face-to-face with the camels, I was shocked, by the size… and the smell! The appeal was gone. But I managed to snap a few quick photos and showed all of my coworkers proof that I wasn’t just some crazy Canadian talking about domesticated Camels in England.

Afterwards we pulled over again at a different estate to take photos of the spring baby calfs, and proceeded to get our car stuck in the mud. We managed to get out eventually. All in a days work.

I have no further explanation for the Camels in England, only that living here continues to be a strange and exciting adventure.

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