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7 Things I Love About Living in the UK


I moved to the UK from Canada at the end of 2017 to live with my husband. We were newly married and he was a military man, so it only made sense for me to join him in the UK (and I was NOT about to miss out on a chance to live in Europe as I was desperate to continue traveling)! I do miss Canada sometimes, but there is also a lot of things that I love about living in the UK.

Read on to find out 7 things I love about living in the UK.

1.Proximity to London

London, baby, yeah! When I first arrived in England I almost bought an iconic I LOVE LONDON shirt (luckily my hubby talked me out of it). One of the many reasons I love living in the UK is my close proximity to London.

From where I live, London is about 1.5 hours by train – so it’s both accessible and reasonably close by. And being close to London is definitely a good thing, I get to visit quite often. Each time I go into London I see it differently; London has many faces. There is, of course, incredible tourist spots such as Parliament Square (including Westminster Abbey), Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, The Shard, and the London Eye. Then there are deeper nooks of London, like Camden Market, or Richmond Park, that I now have the luxury of exploring since I can visit London on the weekend.

The huge population of London also draws in big name artists and bands to the O2 Arena, and plenty of incredible Broadway theater shows in the West End. Finally, London has several international airports – which makes jumping on a flight easy, accessible, and usually affordable in terms of airfare (see numero 6). [/left][right]

2. The Weather

I love living in the UK because the weather is really mild. Summers are warm and humid, while winters are gray and wet. Yes, it rains a lot here and we often have long strings of cloudy days with no sun. However, because the temperature is usually mild you can walk outside in February wearing only a rain coat. This weather is forgiving and even allows for outdoor runs most of the year.

I might be the first person to say that I love England for it’s weather – but this is because I have spent my whole life living in the cool Canadian tundra where we often have snow for half the year!

And since the UK is technically an island, we get high levels of humidity… so my skin has never looked better! [/right]

3. Cakes, pastries, and scones!

Oh, how the Brits love a good treat. And it must be because there are so many talented bakers in the UK! I have to flex my willpower muscle often, but I will give in for a slice of rich, moist chocolate cake. Give me chocolate, or give me death.

I never liked scones before moving to the United Kingdom because I was doing it all wrong! I’m on a mission to find the best scone in England. The perfect scone comes complete with clotted cream, jam, and a cup of tea. This little combo is called a ‘Cream Tea‘ – often served at a typical Afternoon Tea! Now that’s Proper English.

4. The Beautiful English Countryside

The countryside of the United Kingdom is what childhood storybooks are made of. Rose bushes, thatch-roofed homes, rolling hillsides, sheep, and sometimes camels make country drives endlessly exciting and beautiful.

The rain and humidity of this island keeps everything green and lush. Flowers bloom most of the year, and summer starts in April! The locals are very proud of their gardens, and it shows.


5. Castles on (almost) Every Corner

I’m exaggerating, but England has been around for a long time. There’s a lot of castles. We are surrounded by history: old fortresses, spires, and cathedrals. Most buildings are maintained by the National Trust, and if you have a membership you can see all of these buildings for just one membership fee. I would recommend it if you are new to the UK, as you will definitely want to visit these old buildings.


6. Waitrose

Waitrose is a grocery store, but better, and exclusive to the UK. Why has a grocery store made this list? Because Waitrose is amazing, and it is one of the things I love about living in the UK. I don’t always shop here, but sometimes I will treat myself to a Waitrose a pizza, or paella dish if I’m feeling boujee. Waitrose also has a cafe, a restaurant, and a home decor and living section. And free coffee if you bring your own mug. Should I have started with ‘free coffee’?

7. Proximity to Europe

Finally, spain, France, Italy, Greece are all within reach from the United Kingdom. It’s a travel junkie’s dream come true. The other bonus is that from England, travelling within Europe is affordable for short weekend trips. Since moving to the UK, I have done more travelling in a year than in my entire life. There is much more to see!

Whether you’re new to the country or you’re a local , I would love to hear about your favorite things about living in the UK. But more importantly, where can I find England’s best Cream Tea?!

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