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Spain’s Unique Cathedral: Sagrada Familia


Ever since I’ve seen La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, every other cathedral has paled in comparison. It has a majestic and unique beauty that is unparalleled by any other building I’ve seen.

Read on to learn more about Spain’s most unique cathedral, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.


When I first saw this stunning piece of architecture in December 2017, I was shocked. First of all, it’s massive.

Sagrada Familia is the tallest church in the world.

Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish architect who designed this building back in the 1800’s, planned for Sagrada to be only a touch shorter than Barcelona’s largest hill. He believed that ‘man should never stand above God’. Isn’t that beautiful?

Gaudi’s gorgeous architecture was designed to reflect nature.

Gaudi was a man of faith and was inspired by God’s creations. Architecture through the eyes of Gaudi is like gazing into a dreamy forest, or watching the ebb and flow of ocean waves. This is part of why Sagrada Familia is so unique!


The Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over 100 years.

It is an incredibly large and ambitious project that has been built entirely on generous donations. A project of this grandeur size requires a huge amount of funding – over the years there have been gaps between construction while there has been gaps in grants.

Gaudi spent 40 years working on Sagrada Familia, but he left his mark all over Barcelona with projects such as Park Guell and Casa Batllo, a famous park and unique home, respectively. Both are heavily photographed areas, and definitely worth a visit if you’re stopping by Barcelona.

If you’re in Barcelona, please make sure to make a trip to Sagrada Familia. It’s in the center of the city and it is a bit pricy to enter, but it’s worth it one thousand times over. You will be amazed by the gorgeous architecture and unique take on faith. We had the pleasure of going up to the tallest tower and seeing Barcelona from it’s (almost) highest point!

Have you visited La Sagrada Familia?

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