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10 Funny British Slang Phrases


Since moving from Canada to the UK, I’ve picked up many new skills. Like how to make a proper cuppa’, how to drive on the left side of the road, and most importantly: how to speak like a Brit! Yes we speak proper English in the United Kingdom, but during my time living and working here, I’ve picked up many new funny British slang words and phrases. I love these British phrases so much, I’ve begun saying them myself!

If you’re moving to, or visiting England, this is a beginners guide for you on speaking ‘true English’! Oh, and so you can understand what they’re bloody saying!

Read on for 10 Funny British slang words and phrases.

1. “She’s about to kick off!”

Translation: She is getting really mad, watch out, she may or may not throw a chair.

2. “What’s for tea?”

Translation: What’s for dinner?

3. “Congratulations! You must be right chuffed!”

Translation: Congratulations! You’re must be very proud of yourself!

4. “He kept waffling on about it.”

Translation: He kept talking about it.

5. “I went out on the piss last night.”

Translation: I was drunk last night.


6. “Are you taking the piss?”

Translation: Are you making fun?

7. “I’m absolutely knackered.”

Translation: I’m tired.

8. “How about some bangers and mash?”

Translation: How about some sausages and mashed potatoes?

(Side note: I have never had bangers and mash and I do not intend to try it.)

9. “That’s rubbish.”

Translation: That’s crap.

My absolute favourite and probably the most relevant to me:

10. “I think I’ve lost the plot.”

Translation: I think I’ve lost my mind.

Have you heard these phrases used before? I know there are TONS that I have missed. Comment below with your favourite British sayings and words!


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