• Exploring the Romantic Ruins of Old Wardour Castle

    Old Wardour Castle is an ancient ruin in Wiltshire, England. With a stone grotto, crumbling stair cases, and surrounding beauty, it certainly is romantic.

    The Picturesque & Historical Salisbury Cathedral

    Milford on Sea Walk Along the British Coast

    6 Ways to Overcome Loneliness While Living Abroad


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    Why I Moved to England from Canada

    My decision to move abroad was not because of career opportunities, quality of life, or pastries. The reason why I moved to England was for love and travel.

    Mystical Montserrat Mountains: A Day Trip from Barcelona

    Visiting the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

    Richmond Park in London, A Walk Fit for a Royal

    Exploring Malta’s Fishing Village: Marsaxlokk Market

    If you love seafood, port side villages, and boat rides make sure to visit Marsaxlokk, Malta’s Fishing Village for a fun and relaxing afternoon.

    Day in the Life of Living Abroad: Camels in England

    Top 10 Things You Should Do Before Moving Abroad

    7 Things I Love About Living in the UK

    Best Place to See Eiffel Tower at Night

    As the sun falls over Paris, you don’t want to miss the Eiffel Tower light show! Find out the best spot to see the Eiffel Tower at night.

    10 Funny British Slang Phrases

    Spain’s Unique Cathedral: Sagrada Familia